Printing within Qemu

For a while I was unsure of the syntax of printing from within Qemu. I know for the Xenix crowd this is kind of ‘a big deal’. Along with more serial ports for consoles & stuff…

Anyways for the printer I found an example on line, and it’s quite easy:

qemu xenix_hard_disk.vhd -parallel file:lpt1: -M isapc -m 16 -k en-us

Now I’ve seen it actually spool stuff to the printer once the emulator is exited… I’m sure there is some way to kick these jobs better… I’ve also been trying to keep it as dumb as possible and there is a chance my HP printer /scanner thing doesn’t talk like a 1970’s style printer.. I’ll know more tomorrow..

But at the moment this should serve enough to get people started. Also you could redirect the parallel port out to a file, and then open that file in say word and print from there as well.
This is becoming a bigger deal now that future versions of Virtual PC no longer support things like parallel ports, floppy disks & sound blasters…. Qemu will be the only out for a few people.
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