Windows 7 shipped….

I don’t know how you could have missed it as it’s been everywhere…..

To commemorate the occasion Burger King of Japan is releasing…. a 7 patty burger.
Windows 7 Whopper

Windows 7 Whopper

Yeah, i know… weird.
Anyways for the people that will be upset about the whole XP mode thing, when they find out they need a cpu that supports visualization extensions (as not all new ones do!) Don’t forget that Virtual PC 2007 sp1 is still an option.
Another interesting thing is that you can install from a USB stick instead of the DVD media if you have some machines without working DVD ROM’s or perhaps NO optical media at all…
Follow the instructions here.
Although it’s terribly simple. Run diskpart, youll probably want to do a list disk to make sure your USB is indeed disk’1′. it is for me, but it may be anything else. DONT ZAP YOUR HARD DISKS!!








(Format process may take few seconds)



Then from the Windows 7 DVD go to the boot directory and run:


Assuming that K is your flash drive.
Then finally copy the DVD onto the flash card

XCOPY D:\ K:\ /E/C/H/Q/K


Then you just have to adjust your boot priority and you’ll be off and installing… I got my machine installed in under 20 min this way.
Sorry this isn’t all so emulation but that’s life…. Anyways Qemu 0.90 runs on the release version!.. I’m hoping other stuff does as well.
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  1. Just thought i'd say hello.. bumped into yer blog thru computing net (Been there since the dawn of time). Nice to have a tech blog (yours) to visit and escape with..
    Mine's a bit sparse :-(.. seeing as it's my music blog and pro music site that take up all my time..
    But ya might get a kick outa what i did with NT351 over there..

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