gzip for Xenix

sorry I didn’t realize that IIS was blocking the gzip download because of it haveing no extension…

I really need to redo that whole install.

Meanwhile you can download it here:


Also I found on some old “Soviet Union” website (no really it’s a .su!) a binary version of GCC for Xenix… I’ll post more later as I get a chance to go through the thing….

For the adventurous it’s here:

ftp://ftp.kiae.su/pub/unix/os/xenix/gnu/  (now offline)

It’s kind of interesting to find such a thing, and if you see the dates, it’s from January 28th 1991… In the last days of the Soviet Union… Well lucky for us, someone in Russia is a packrat! I guess they were starting to switch out from homemade PDP-11’s into 386’s and they didn’t bother porting their ‘pirated’ versions of Unix v6…

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