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Well… I was looking around for another OS that’d run on a MAGNUM (ie ARC MIPS in little endian mode), and I found that NetBSD supports the ARC Magnum, unlike OpenBSD.

Sadly it’s *VERY* touchy…. The current version 5.0.2 crashes when unpacking the distribution… However 1.5.1 runs! … kind of.

NetBSD 1.5.1 for the ARC has no install program… So I had to prepare a system partition with Windows NT, then boot that disk under the i386 qemu emulator with NetBSD 1.5.1, setup the disk, and unpack the distro.

From there it was a matter of rigging the ARC loader to boot up an ecoff kernel.

There were a few files in the /etc directory to ‘fix’ to allow normal booting (fstab/rc.conf) and to make sure there is no /netbsd in the root.. For some reason while extracting symbols for the ps tables and whatnot it CRASHES.

So far I’m having issues with the networking, but it is running!

I may have to do some more experimenting with this to see if later versions of NetBSD can get their networking going… The ‘big’ issue at the moment is the ethernet reports a MAC address of all zeros… While the same nvram file in Windows NT works just happily……..

Oh well, here is a screen shot!

NetBSD 1.5.1 ARC on Qemu 0.12.3

NetBSD 1.5.1 ARC on Qemu 0.12.3

I guess it’s worth mentioning that once it boots up, it’s been stable enough for me to rebuild a kernel.. And the kernel even booted! (but transferring it out was such a major ordeal…)

Dungeon for NetBSD little endian MIPS

Dungeon for NetBSD little endian MIPS

Oh, and of course it runs dungeon!

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