Quake on NeXTSTEP 3.3

I’m one third of the way there…..

At least the video is kind of working… Right now I’m still using the cannibalized stuff from the UAE project’s port to NeXTSTEP. This is what I used for Frontier, although I’d like to think I’m getting a slightly better handle on it. Right now I just have to figure out why my keyDown & keyUP handlers are not working…. And implement the timer so it doesn’t run at warp speed. With the timer in place it should be able to do network play.

I suspect this would be FAR too slow to play on the m68k,Sparc or HPPA hardware but then who knows… My monitor for my m68k is broken so I can’t run it to find out…

Quake for NeXTSTEP

Quake for NeXTSTEP

This runs VERY fast on Qemu 0.90 I may have to rewire some stuff to run in on my whitebox, but I have a feeling I’m going to have to re-install… I forget where I left off on my NeXTSTEP setup on the old P4.

Anyways that’s what I have for the last few hours….

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4 thoughts on “Quake on NeXTSTEP 3.3

  1. It wont load, lots of problems with the PIC, the interrupt controllers, the PS/2 mouse.. and the new bios just sucks for legacy stuff…

    Sadly the qemu people aren't interested in the -M isa stuff either…

    This version of 0.90 is 'hacked' to add busmouse support to get around the busted ps/2 mouse..

    nextstep was VERY picky on real hardware, let alone virtual setups..

  2. Did you report the -M isa regressions? Maybe the people are just not aware of the problems there?
    Is 0.90 really the last good one?

    What BIOS is the new one? I thought qemu still comes packaged with few ones for x86 arch. Which bios didn't suck?

  3. I know that after 0.90 there was a whole change in the way things work, as gcc 4.0 doesn't support the method they were using in gcc 3.0 for doing the dynamic translation…

    The new 'seabios' just hangs in the -M isa, and worse you can't use the old bios images….

    I haven't bothered as support for things like NeXTSTEP, Xenix & Netware just isn't a priority to the qemu people.. 😐

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