VMWare Fusion updated to 3.1.2

Honestly I didn’t really go through the release notes

I think 386 BSD 0.0 may just need to be installed on an actual disk, as me trying to duplicate the settings of that connor disk doesn’t produce a bootable disk… I thought it was in the step that disklabel doesn’t supply the bootblocks, but even doing that manually got me nothing.

I mashed in Net/2 into NetBSD 0.8 to get something that is one file away from compiling, but it’s short about 50 references from linking….

I should try it again but not using Net/2 it’s probably too old.. but I’m afraid there was way more drift between 386 BSD pl24 and Net 0.8, and certainly in those files between Net 8 & Net 9.

At least we have a nearly complete Net 9 (it’s only i386, but that’s ok.).

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