Internet Explorer 6 countdown.

So I saw this post on /. talking about the IE 6 countdown page from Microsoft.

So, after helping someone verify the needed flags to install Windows NT 4.0 on Qemu 0.14.0 ( C:\temp\qemu-0.14.0>qemu.exe -L pc-bios -cpu pentium -hda nt4.disk -net nic,model=pcnet -net user -cdrom “\install\nt4workstation.iso” -m 16 ) I thought I’d try this sucker in Internet Explorer 3.0

IE 6 countdown, on IE 3

IE 6 countdown, on IE 3

Hell you’d think they’d at least make the page VIEWABLE in older browsers.. I didn’t even try IE 2.0 just yet, as I almost bet it can’t even pop the page…. Seeing that IE 2.0 isn’t even HTTP 1.1 compliant.

What is interesting is the high numbers in China, India, and South Africa. I wonder how many of those IE6 users are on NT 4.0? I wonder how many IE 5.5 users are running Windows 95? How many are simply using older computers that these new modern titan operating systems simply will not load on.

At any rate, here is the site on IE6 / Windows 2000…

IE6 countdown on.. IE6

IE6 countdown on.. IE6

Oh well my $0.02 on the whole thing.

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