Revisiting Netware 3.12

I know this is one of the really ‘hot issue’ things out there. Sadly the thing is that Qemu ran Netware 3.12 back in the 0.90 release, but not any release since then has been able to run it.

And after testing Netware 4.1 & 4.11 they too only run acceptably under Qemu 0.90

Otherwise on the newer versions, I get nothing but disk errors, even trying to used some 3rd party updated IDE drivers, it still does not work.

It’s very perplexing, and at the same point I know it’s not a burning priority for the Qemu team….

Proxmox/VE gets much further but ultimately I couldn’t get it all working…

Apparently it’ll run on VMWare, more information here.

One thing is for sure, Netware 3.12 and it’s “patching” system is a major nightmare.

Any Qemu higher then 0.9.0 gives this error….

“Abend: A directory buffer with no dirty bits set was encountered on the dirty list”

qemu 0.14.0 netware abend

qemu 0.14.0 netware abend

While there is the ‘scsi option’ for Qemu 0.12 and higher, you’ll need a BIOS… However for 3.12 it hinges on the DOS driver, which when loaded… crashes out Qemu.

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