So this VM walks into a bar…

He looks at the selection, and is impressed, they have virtually everything he could ever imagine.

OK, I saw this shamelessly come through on google…
And I must admit, I really don’t have one.  But I did find a funny picture in an ancient OS/2 SDK, from Microsoft…


From the OS/2 1.1 SDK

Heh.  Then again zippy the pinhead was quite popular in the 80s.
Yow!  Did something bad happen or am I in a drive-in movie??

Which sure does remind me of stuff like this…

Whole lot of virtualization going on!

Emulators in emulators, in emulators in emulators… (XP in Virtual PC, Windows 95 in Qemu, MacOS in Mini vMac, MS-DOS in SoftPC)..  It reminds me of  Inception

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