OS/2 2.1 and TCP/IP 2.0

So I thought I could simply take my OS/2 2.0 install on Qemu with an ISA NE2000 and simply upgrade it to OS/2 2.1 and it’d work, right?



So after an hour screwing around with various drivers, I found of all things, the PCI NE2000 will work.  The driver is available os2site.com

Thankfully the NIF’s and OS2 bits work right so you can actually use LAPS to configure it, once you copy the NIF & OS2 files into the c:\ibmcom\macs directory.

LAPS to the rescue (for once)

And then with that in place configured for user mode networking ( DNS

All is working as expected.  I’m hoping that the DPMI emulation is better in 2.1 vs 2.0.  Although what is interesting is that after applying XR06200, my OS/2 2.1 is now 2.11 …

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One thought on “OS/2 2.1 and TCP/IP 2.0

  1. Don’t forget to patch OS/2 to 06200, and install u64092d to bring both OS/2 and the TCP/IP stack up to the last version… otherwise it doesn’t actually work.

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