Only because it was requested….

I wasn’t going to make this some kind of cat obsessed blog, but I guess this being the internet everyone knows it eventually degenerates into some kind of cat obsession…

I’m backing this whole thing up, and that’ll take a while… so in the meantime…


**EDIT 3/9/2016 .  My ex emailed me to let me know that KC is not doing well.  He stopped grooming himself, and barely eats.  Such a sad update.  It won’t be long.

Sick KC.

Sick KC.

***FINAL EDIT 9/9/2016.  I just received the word from my ex:

K.C. has passed. Vet said nothing more we can do for him. He went painlessly


Good bye KC. :(

Good bye KC. 🙁

Good bye K.C.  You are already missed.

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5 thoughts on “Only because it was requested….

    • Yeah I got him on Superbowl Sunday, 2001 (Jan 28th, but who’s counting?) … and I wound up losing him in a separation…. Oh well I guess.

  1. Cute!. He has changed the color with aging or you changed your camera? I would like to have a cat, sadly the apartament owner doesn’t allow pets :(.

    • You know I’m not all that sure, I think its the digital cameras through the ages… the older ones were old analog (lol) cameras that I’d get the film developed to CD ..

      His nose has gotten darker & spotted as he got older for sure… and he did get fatter as he got older.. lol

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