Fallout New Vegas on CrossOver

it runs!

So I’ve been dying to play this on OS X for quite some time to no avail.  So after the CrossOver give away I thought I’d be set! .. I installed steam, spent forever downloading and installing Fallout to only get either a blank white screen when running in full screen mode, or a black window running in a window.

So finally messing with ‘bottle’ settings I stumbled on the ability to run a session in an ’emulated desktop’.  And with that setup with a big enough resolution, boom run it again and it works fine in a window!

Sadly I never held onto my save games so looks like I’ll be starting from scratch.

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One thought on “Fallout New Vegas on CrossOver

  1. You should have a look at the Porting Team. They collect pre-made container based on various technologies (wine, CrossOver, Cider) for quit a lot of windows games to make them run on MacOS X.



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