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Chex Quest

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I’ve never heard of Chex Quest.  I guess because at the time, 1996 I wasn’t that big on kids cereal.  But as it turns out, Digital Café had been selected by WatersMolitor, care of Ralston Foods to create something for this new fangled digital age to get kids to eat Chex.

You can of course read all about it on wiki, or one of the many fan pages & forums..

So yeah, it’s Ultimate DOOM, done as a total conversion.  All licensed from iD in the days before Quake.

Unlike DOOM, and it’s feel for ultra-violence, you just zap green slime things back to their home dimension while you try to free your Chex people things.  I guess this shouldn’t be surprising, remember there is that horrid ‘Super 3d Noah’s Ark‘ thing that is built around Wolfenstein 3D.

And it was a few more years (1999) until we had to deal with Columbine, and how violent video games make people kill (just like loud music, role playing games, books, and other things before that).

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