My ‘vpsland’ thing is back online

I’m not to happy with my solution, but it’ll suffice for now.

So every day, I have cron fetch me a new password from,  update some httpassword entry, and use PHP for a simple redirect.

So let’s say I wan to get neko for the i386, the link was  Now when you click on the link you get a 404 looking page that has a link to the new directory structure, and includes the username & password (I’m not currently evil enough to generate a random user, but I may have to do that in the future…).

New password procedure

Click the click here link!

So the new path lives in the /old directory making the new location of neko98

So use the username/password combo on the page, and you’ll be good to go.

Enter the username / password

For example user/rapidred92

Sorry about all this.

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What is there to tell? I’ve loved UNIX like things since I was first exposed to QNX in highschool (we had the Unisys ICONS!), and spent the better time of my teenage years trying to get my own UNIX… I should have bought Coherent in retrospect.. Anyways latched onto Linux in 1992, and then got some old BSD admin books and have been hooked on the VAX BSD & other big/ancient things since…!

6 thoughts on “My ‘vpsland’ thing is back online

  1. It’s sad to see that you have to go through all this hassle, but I’m glad you took the effort. Your site has been a regular stop for me for quite some time now. I’d miss something if it were gone. Thanks!


    • Yeah I’ve survived a week+ outage on blogger, countless hosting issues, and now this insanity. That reminds me, I need to check that my rsync is working… !

      The worst part is that I miss having a dedicated server, it was incredibly handy.

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