Setting up a Co-op QuakeWorld Server

I went with MVDsv, which I could just unpack the i386 executable on my VPS, allowing me to go ahead with my lovingly stock id1 pak files.  MVDsv requires  just paste this into the console, or add it to the server.cfg

sv_progsname spprogs
deathmatch 0
coop 1
map e1m1
samelevel “0”

MVDsv also requires spprogs.dat.  I forget where I got mine, but if you need it, you can use mine.

And firing it up..

Added packfile ./id1/pak0.pak (339 files)
Added packfile ./id1/pak1.pak (85 files)
IP address
UDP Initialized
Initialized default mod messages.
Total: 60 messages.
16.0 megabyte heap
MVDSV 0.27 rev.643 (l), build 2772
Build date: Jul 24 2007, 19:53:52

MVDSV Project home page:

======== QuakeWorld Initialized ========
execing server.cfg
couldn’t open accounts
VM_Load: “spprogs”
Client MS-dos connected
Couldn’t download skins/base.pcx to MS-dos
MS-dos entered the game

Now when I jump in I get monsters!

Co-Op QuakeWorld!

Co-Op QuakeWorld!

One thing I had screwed up was the samelevel command on my server, setting it to two would kill the player if they tried to exit the level.  Ugh.  There is a guide here, but of course co-op isn’t the same as death match!

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