Xlive.dll missing ordinal 42


I’m not sure how dependent this on my upgrade to Windows 10, but while trying to launch Fallout 3, I was getting this fun error:

fallout 3 missing ordnal from xlive 9879

I hate errors like this, but it turns out the ‘Microsoft Games for Windows – LIVE Redistributable’ is too out of date.fallout 3 missing ordnal from xlive 9879 live redistributable 2.0.672.0

So stepping up to version 3.5.88 from 2.0.672.0 did the trick.fallout 3 working 9879 live redistributable of course a download location was a little bit crazy to find, I guess keeping up with the MDAC_TYP legacy, of naming every version the same thing, here is the download. (70MB)

Oh and now that my ‘new’ old laptop has an intel integrated video card it needs this DirectX bypass, otherwise itll crash once you launch fallout.

Thanks to the PCGaming wiki!

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    • 6×9 if I remember correctly. Which explains why the universe is fundamentally flawed. Much like ‘live gaming’ was… Does it even exist anymore?

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