For those of you in the London Area: Guardian Live | the Amiga Power reunion

Amiga Power!

Amiga Power!

In the mid-Nineties one gaming magazine ruled them all. It was a magazine known for it​​s irreverent attitude, surreal sense of humour and occasional run-ins with developers; it was a magazine that ran on far longer than the useful life of its subject matter. That magazine was Amiga Power.

Working with Darren Wall at Read Only Memory publishers, the Guardian has tracked down several of the staff who made the magazine such an influential force in games journalism. For one night only we’re reuniting the team to discuss the great moments, the ridiculous controversies and the unforgettable games that made Amiga Power such a legendary publication.

If you’re interested in retro gaming or the history of the British gaming scene, join The Guardian’s games editor Keith Stuart and guests for an absolutely unmissable night of nostalgia.

Thursday 21 April 2016, 7pm–8.30pm

The Scott room, London, N1 9GU


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