Old man yells at cloud

Simpsons  “The Old Man and the Key,”[1] Episode 13, Season 13

Simpsons “The Old Man and the Key,”[1] Episode 13, Season 13

Kind of funny that it’s gone from a joke, to being prophetic the old man yelling at the cloud.

Good luck to Intel’s former 11,000.  No doubt kids and their ‘cloud apps’ are taking away from the old fashioned server in a closet days of the 80’s,90s and 00’s.

There are signs of slowdown everwhere.

Empty retail space, in previously busy Causeway bay, Burger King went bust (except for the airport!)  Even the Tsim Sha Tsui area is facing a hit.  As expected, unemployment is going up.

I know local retailers where I rent blame the internet for taking sales, but the truth is that bad times are ahead… So be careful in 2016!

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