Humble Bundle has Game Maker on sale for $15 (or higher)

Game Maker 1.4 for $15!

Game Maker 1.4 for $15!

The bundle includes:

  • GameMaker: Studio Pro
  • HTML5 Module
  • Android Module
  • iOS Module
  • Windows UWP Module

At the $15 level plus some games + source code.  Over at reddit they have it as approximately $1,800 worth of software.

Click here for more info:

Of course the chatter is that 2.0 is around the corner, but for $15 this seems too good to pass up.

Plus they have Tropico 4 for free..



URL shortners & short domains

I needed to get some business cards, and the usual thing is to use QR codes that have a tiny URL name, that then redirect to your real web site.  Easy, right?

Well most people use ‘public’ servers like & friends.  In china many people I do business with use .  But this got me thinking, 1688 is a FOUR letter domain, unlike any of the three letter ones that seem to be more common.  I know all the one, two and three letter domains are all gone, but are there any four letter domains?

Turns, out YES there are.

I used this site:

Domain Name Soup .com

And I was able to hammer though their UI, and find one, and register it with my usual registrar.

*This isn’t an AD, I’m not being paid to say any of this.  I was more so surprised that I could not only find a four letter domain, but it’s the initials of my wife’s business.

The best part is that I could use YOURLS, a free PHP+Mysql app to quickly and easily manage the redirects.

Moving hosts again!

Well ChicagoVPS was bought out, and then they kind of downgraded me from a Xeon to an Atom.. And now they are creeping up the rates.  So I saw a special on for Joe’s Datacentre.  I’ll be moving onto a dual proc Xeon L5420 CPU.  Maybe not the highest end of boxes, but better than some atom.

I don’t think it’ll mean anything for anyone, other than a blip of an outage when I shut down KVM, and transfer over the blog VM, and update DNS.

I’ve already moved over my BBS and it’s running just fine.  Not that it matters but I moved out the ‘vpsland‘ share to another low end cheapo dedicated box at Joe’s for well over a month now, making my decision to move justified.

The new hosting is in Kansas City MO, which is still geographically central in the United States of America.  Id love to host it in Hong Kong, but I’ve only received absolutely insane prices out here.  And even though I do have a commercial grade internet connection, getting more IP addresses has been an impossibility.

Oh well, it’s just me rambling.

Nintendo Classic Mini



Just saw mention of this, the Nintendo Classic Mini

It includes a USB controller, HDMI, and you have to bring your own USB +5v power supply. It’ll come with 30 pack in games, but no mention of any additional games.

The only thing that stuck out to me is that Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!,  is reverted back to the original Japanese Mr Dream.  Kind of lame, but I guess that is licensing for you.

There is more information at the Nintendo page, with a shipping date of November 11th, 2016 for the UK.

Old man yells at cloud

Simpsons  “The Old Man and the Key,”[1] Episode 13, Season 13

Simpsons “The Old Man and the Key,”[1] Episode 13, Season 13

Kind of funny that it’s gone from a joke, to being prophetic the old man yelling at the cloud.

Good luck to Intel’s former 11,000.  No doubt kids and their ‘cloud apps’ are taking away from the old fashioned server in a closet days of the 80’s,90s and 00’s.

There are signs of slowdown everwhere.

Empty retail space, in previously busy Causeway bay, Burger King went bust (except for the airport!)  Even the Tsim Sha Tsui area is facing a hit.  As expected, unemployment is going up.

I know local retailers where I rent blame the internet for taking sales, but the truth is that bad times are ahead… So be careful in 2016!

What’s your bother?

No, it's legit.

No, it’s legit.

I saw this and had to chuckle, but no it really is a real want ad.


Salary: £30,000 + benefits

After a numerous amount of complaints from residents and visitors over recent months, the city council is looking for a unique individual to fill the position of ‘Pidgeon Botherer’ during peak shopping hours in order to keep the flying vermin off of the main high street.

With a competitive salary, a pigeon costume and a poking device all provided by the council, the ideal applicant will be able to show that they can successfully scare the pigeons enough to never return to the area. Creativity and innovation in scaring pigeons is a must.

Open auditions for the role will commence at 9:00am. Costume is optional but very welcome.

You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

For anyone interested, the job is in Polham.