Quasijarus and other 32v derived tape images

I was looking for a copy of Quasijarus and I noticed that the ftp site ftp://ifctfvax.harhan.org/pub/UNIX/4.3BSD-Quasijarus0c/ is now down. I know it was originally hosted on a VAX, and perhaps it’s met it’s end?

Anyways with a bit of googling I was able to locate a mirror. However since the primary location has already gone offline, I figured this was a good time to go ahead and make tape images for all of the BSD I have at the moment and put it on sourceforge.


I kind of screwed the order up, but you get the idea, you can get 32v-Quasijarus there. The TAHOE stuff is broken on all the mirrors so I haven’t tried to make a tape of it just yet… In the meantime I need to update SIMH 3.8-0 with SLiRP. I’ve been meaning to do it, I just have to force myself as the glue into SliRP is… messy.

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