Some speedup with AberMUD & 4.3 UWISC.

So I found out why it’s now taking FOREVER to logon to the mud..

It turns out that there were nearly 4000 entries in the hosts file. Wow that’s a tad crazy eh? I guess this tape of BSD shows what the internet was like before DNS. I also bumped the CPU up to 4%.. it’s far more snappier.

Now to see if I can get added to

Also as mentioned in the prior post, the AberMUD tape doesn’t just magically install, you have to run the & which will recompile everything and set some paths, then install the DB in /usr/tmp as -iy7AM .. I guess it’s harder to forcefully delete it. Anyways logon as ‘debugger’ set yourself up a password, then run ‘reset’ to finalize the placement of everything….

And looking at the mud_syslog you can see fun stuff like this:

GAME ENTRY: Neozeed[root]
GAME ENTRY: Neozeed[root]
GAME ENTRY: Gatto[root]
GAME ENTRY: Geophoto[root]
Neozeed slain by The Yeti
GAME ENTRY: Neozeed[root]
GAME ENTRY: Erazmus[root]
GAME ENTRY: Neozeed[root]
GAME ENTRY: Jose[root]
GAME ENTRY: Neozeed[root]
GAME ENTRY: Nek[root]
Nek slain by The Yeti
GAME ENTRY: Lumpy[root]

So I don’t feel that bad being slain by the Yeti. Maybe one of us can kill the thing.

** UPDATE **

The Yeti attacks you
You hit The Yeti with the scimitar
Your last blow did the trick

The Yeti has just died

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