Inspired from this video, I have to admit I’m really impressed how GNS3 can now network between dynamips router instances, and Qemu … So I grabbed an old IOS version from a 7200, and fired up Qemu with NT 4.0 and built a super simple network.  Because it won’t let you hotplug cables between hosts, I figured I’d just go ahead and add switches everywhere.  So bottom line is that I setup a super simple network, and I can ping/telnet to the routers from NT.  This could even be used to build more complicated networks, but as always people seem to get more excited about doing ‘pings’ through the network, and overlook actual USER traffic…

GNS3 uses a custom build of Qemu 0.11.0, which I may have to feel the need to modify it for some control-alt-delete fun, along with making sure the ISA NE2000 is on an agreeable port/IRQ.



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