Emulating a Cray X-MP Supercomputer

I just saw this, and it looks incredibly awesome.  I didn’t know that early Cray’s were more in line with mainframes.  And the X-MP could reach speeds of 105Mhz with 16MB of ram back in 1982.

Talk about awesome!  Andras did an awesome job of recovering this lost gem of early supercomputing.

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4 thoughts on “Emulating a Cray X-MP Supercomputer

  1. Too bad that there’s almost zero software for these systems remaining today, which makes emulating it so much harder. It would be really cool to have a running COS or UniCOS at some point but it looks like the chances of that happening are pretty slim 🙁

    • I know, but then again look at the IMP resurrection. Sometimes it is a matter of the right people finding out.

      I would assume that since enough of the cray is mapped out to run a basic OS, that other tools could be fashioned to work with it (gcc?)?

      Who knows what lies in the future/past…. Hopefully someone sitting on a bunch of old cray stuff will come forward one day.

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