For my dear friend snejannatr

Password strength

Yes I see you trying to login as me.  Yes I blocked your Russian and Ukrainian addresses.

What are you so desperate to see here?

There is no deep secret files, or drafts.

If anything I get into trouble for revealing too much when I do find stuff.

Take it easy man, there really isn’t anything to see here.

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What is there to tell? I've loved UNIX like things since I was first exposed to QNX in highschool (we had the Unisys ICONS!), and spent the better time of my teenage years trying to get my own UNIX... I should have bought Coherent in retrospect.. Anyways latched onto Linux in 1992, and then got some old BSD admin books and have been hooked on the VAX BSD & other big/ancient things since...!

5 thoughts on “For my dear friend snejannatr

  1. I think those are botnets who generally try to attack every single wordpress out there. IMO passwords are bad idea in general. Two factor auth, captcha or anti bot plugins are the way to go.

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