Previous 1.4 features NeXTdimension emulation!



It’s really cool!  And as an added bonus, it can now run in ‘Variable’ speed, meaning as fast as your machine can emulate the 68040.

OS X version here, and Windows version here.  For me, at least a bunch of DLL’s are missing, so I put together a quick package containing the Windows version with all of the missing DLLs here.

From the announcement:

Hello all,

I am happy to annouce the release of Previous v1.4! Simon did lots of work on emulating the NeXTdimension and he considerably improved timings and efficiency of Previous. Furthermore there is now a mode to accelerate the emulation beyond the performance of real systems. Other improvements and bugfixes are listed in the readme.

Emulating the NeXTdimension board was something i thought would not be feasible. But thanks to the i860 emulator from Jason Eckhardt and the work of Simon, who improved and completed parts of it, it finally came true. I hope you enjoy it!

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7 thoughts on “Previous 1.4 features NeXTdimension emulation!

  1. I download it and it work if I don’t turn on Ethernet.
    But it hang if I turn on Ethernet.

    It hang at

    CPU MC68040 25MHz, memory 100 ns
    Backplane slot #0
    Ethernet address: 0:0:f:0:f3:2
    Memory size 32MB
    Testing the FPU, SCC, SCSI, Enet, RTC

    Any way to fix this?

    Thanks in advance

    PS: My host is a 64bit Windows 10 with wired Ethernet connected.

    • If I remember the trick was to enable the ethernet after the BIOS has gotten you to the next> prompt.

      But this is an older build, by now I imagine they have newer stuff…

      • Thanks,
        But how to enable ethernet from Next> prompt?
        What I did is from Pervious main menu.

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