Opus No. 1 Single for sale on iTunes!

On sale now!

On sale now!

That’s right for you fans of the cisco hold music, you can now buy the single on iTunes!

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What is there to tell? I’ve loved UNIX like things since I was first exposed to QNX in highschool (we had the Unisys ICONS!), and spent the better time of my teenage years trying to get my own UNIX… I should have bought Coherent in retrospect.. Anyways latched onto Linux in 1992, and then got some old BSD admin books and have been hooked on the VAX BSD & other big/ancient things since…!

4 thoughts on “Opus No. 1 Single for sale on iTunes!

      • Indeed. I’m thinking of pranking a co-worker by hiding an MP3 player with that song on loop on his desk…see how long before the rage begins!

      • We live in an amazing era where the hardware to pull off the stunt is insanely cheap. Although I’d recommend making it barely audible. Also move it around from time to time.

        I did something similar a long while back, our offices were in an old data centre, so we had the raised floor. I had rigged up a 486 to play some chewbacca sounds from time to time, but I had been told not to do things like that…. as it would get someone else into trouble, as nobody suspected me… sigh. good times.

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